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The elegant “V” shaped wedding rings fit particularly well next to square and diamond shaped engagement rings.

V shaped Wedding Rings

Step back a little and you can see that the theme running through this style of v shaped wedding rings is of two lines or curves meeting at the centre and this is a fundamental feature of this style of ring. The symbolic meaning is clear for everyone to see and it is the reoccurring theme of the joining together of two to become one.

Fitting many engagement rings but especially complementing the more angular style of ring, this shape forms a dramatic meeting of two sweeping curves at the centre. The size and sweep of the “V” shape within each design can accommodate various shapes of engagement rings from larger single stone rings to multiple set square stone rings in the form of a diamond shape.

Many engagement rings use square stones which are often set in the form of a diamond shape. This requires a deep curve to the “V” shape wedding ring and we tend to deepen and narrow the ring towards this centre point to minimise the width of the two rings as they are worn together. The eye is further focused towards the centre of the “V” and therefore enhances the dramatic effect and featuring your engagement ring.

Diamonds are used to complement the sweeping nature of the “V” shape and they add a heightened degree of drama to both rings.  We set diamonds in many different styles to complement the shape of these rings. Grain setting uses multiple very small grains which are raised over the stones in several places to hold each stone in place, the remaining metal is then cut with special engraving tools to produce a very highly reflective effect thereby maximising the brilliance of the diamonds. Channel setting places diamonds in a single line within a channel in the ring. The metal is then pushed over the diamonds to hold them securely in place. This is a very strong and practical style of setting and particularly suitable for a wedding ring. A variation of the channel setting is what we call the castellated setting which is generally used to set a line of variable sized diamonds within a channel which when viewed from the side has a castle rampart effect.

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