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These U Shaped Wedding Rings embrace multiple stone set engagement rings and also complement subtly curved rings.

U Shaped Wedding Rings

The U shaped wedding rings with soft sweeping curves offer harmonious partnerships to many engagement rings. The clean fluid lines of these rings are by nature more subtle and gentle than in our other ring collections. The width and depth of the curves vary greatly in this collection of designs and allows for a close fit next to either delicate single stone engagement rings or they can more readily accommodate much larger centre stones and multiple stone settings. The open gentle curves lend themselves to accompany more individual and unique styles of designer engagement rings.

It’s all about the fluidity of form in the U shaped wedding rings style. Care is taken to design a ring that is as pleasing when worn on its own as well as being a perfect partner to your engagement ring.

Diamonds are often used in these designs and can be set in the form of a delicate sweep of multiple very small stones or graduating from small at the sides to larger in the centre. Some diamond set rings seem to flow from the underside side to the top of the ring in one fluid motion.  Flat profile rings lend themselves to being channel set with diamonds, where a line of fine stones, generally of the same size snakes across the top of the ring following the curvature of the ring exactly. A fine and popular example of this is the R932 which has been one of our customer’s favourite rings for many years.

Adaptations to existing rings can be undertaken to make the fit as close as possible. We regularly make slight alterations to rings at customer’s request. There is a small extra charge for this service, but would be added to any quotation required at the time.

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