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The Solitaire shape fits around a classic solitaire engagement ring. Symmetry and simplicity complete the perfect partnership.

Solitaire Shaped Wedding Rings

A relatively small section of our shaped wedding ring collections, this, however is often just the style of ring which fits neatly next to a woman’s classic diamond engagement ring. Symmetrical in design but with a slight sweeping curve from the half way point towards the top of the ring and which curves back just beyond the half way centre line of the ring to accommodate the often tapered nature of the solitaire ring design. These designs then have a range of different sized round, square, pear and diamond shapes which fit closely to the solitaire setting.

The solitaire shaped wedding ring produces a pleasing frame to the centre stone of an engagement ring and can often be complemented with the addition of small diamonds set into this section producing a lighter and more delicate effect which to further highlight the centre stone of your engagement ring.

Adaptations of this ring style are possible and we are most often asked to make the size of the top section larger or smaller in order to accommodate different sizes of diamonds from quarter carat stones to anything up to 5 carat stones. This is never a problem for us as we produce each ring independently within our own workshop and can make these adjustments as they become necessary.

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