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Blending beauty with symmetry, this design will fit closely to your engagement ring no matter which way your ring is worn.

Bow Shaped Wedding Rings

The tied bow is an ancient symbol promoting togetherness, unity and strength and it brings with it an especially strong message for the bride. As far back as the 3rd century B.C., the knot motif was used as a marriage symbol in Greek jewellery. The Heracles knot represented a feminine rite of passage from maiden to married woman and symbolised the strength of a couple’s union in marriage. Now in the 21st Century the bow symbol remains ever present, although generally in a more subtle form, to convey the underlying message of the “tie that binds”.

Typically bow shaped wedding rings have a narrow centre with wider sides and is often shown crossing over from one side of the ring to the other at the centre. The shape forms a pleasing design which is very complementary to a single stone diamond engagement ring.

Many variations of this design style are featured in widths from 2.5 to 5.0mm. A flat top and sides produces a very linier or graphic affect which looks good as a plain ring and is also perfect for multiple diamond setting. It looks amazing when worn next to a diamond solitaire engagement ring.

One of the most popular variations of ring in the bow style is made as a continuous court shape (‘D’ inside and out) which is given one full 180 degree twist producing a very smooth and pleasing 3 dimensional ring with a depth at the centre. The nice feature of this ring is that it maintains the essence of the traditional continuous wedding band. The use of the crossover style of the design at the centre is also used to produce a subtle multi-level effect which with the addition of multiple tiny grain set diamonds further enhances the brilliance of the bow shape ring.

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