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Asymmetric wedding rings tend to be very individual. This is often the most difficult style of ring in which to find a perfect fit. We produce mirror images of each design to offer as many options as possible.

Asymmetric Wedding Rings

Many engagement rings have what we call a split shank. This is when the ring is open at the centre point and two sweeping curves are formed from the half-way point on each side which then sweep up to meet the stone setting at opposite sides. This by the very nature of the split shank process produces asymmetric side profiles with a curved gentle sweep from one side to the centre then a dramatic and often complicated step around the central stone setting and back to meet the other side of the split shank which has curved up from the other side and produces the same step in the opposite direction, they can be the most difficult rings to fit shaped wedding rings to. Over many years, we have developed a large collection of rings which from our experience of producing shaped wedding rings to fit these profiles, have become essential elements within this collection. From small curved variations in shape to large sweeping arcs which can be adjusted to fit each individual ring, we often have to make minor changes to our asymmetric rings to produce a very close fitting wedding ring for customers, but this is where our experience and expertise win out. Our aim is always to provide a ring which not only complements your engagement ring, but has a pleasing shape as possible when worn on its own.

They are a number of very angular rings in this collection which work very well with square stones and rectangular stone set positioned in the diamond shape on top of the engagement ring. We even have two rings which have been very successfully fitted to pear shaped diamond engagement rings.